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Services offered by Canadian packaging and co-packing companies

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Canadian packaging companies offer a wide variety of services designed to streamline food production processes nationwide. Across the country, you can find packaging companies that have the technology, materials and techniques that are recognized worldwide, and you can count with the advantage of requesting this type of services at a local level.

Outsourcing to companies that are experts in food packaging services is your best bet to compete in the market. If you are looking for leading packaging companies in Canada, it is essential to know what services they offer.

Services offered by Canadian packaging companies

The services offered by Canadian packaging companies guarantee hygiene, protection, safety in the handling of products, quality and extension of the shelf life of the products it packages and packs.

Before contracting one of these companies, it is essential to evaluate the capacity of the production line and the flexibility for the production of new forms of packaging.

The services of Canadian packaging companies provide for the following processes in the food manufacturing business:

Production services

Food production processes include the following steps:

Reception of raw materials

The reception of raw materials is a critical point of quality control, where criteria for acceptance and rejection of goods are defined.

Food storage

Food storage is aimed at maintaining the level of raw material and food inventories during production processes. It is mandatory to control the temperature and humidity of storage areas to prevent food spoilage.

Food processing

Food processing varies according to the type of food and the quantity needed to obtain a finished product.

Food preservation

Food preservation includes processes that ensure a longer shelf life of food products. Food preservation processes include salting, dehydration, refrigeration, freezing, pasteurization, sterilization and acidification.

Packaging Services

Packaging is a vital process in any supply chain, but particularly so in food manufacturing.

In addition to being considered as food protectors, packaging is an effective way to promote products in the marketplace.

In fact, in a market like Canada, importers are very interested in the use of new, environmentally friendly materials. Basically, because consumers have recently become more aware of environmental risk and demand environmentally friendly, reusable materials.


Repacking consists of packing several packages in a single box, in order to maximize the space available in each box.

Also, repacking is done to protect delicate items or items that are at risk of spillage.

The repacking service guarantees that the food arrives in optimal conditions to the consumer's hands.

That is what a correct packaging ensures to those who hire specialized companies.

Advantages of repacking

The main advantages of repacking are:

  • Saving money.

  • Decrease space during transportation and storage.

  • Securing packages.

Co-packing Service

Co-packing is a term used to refer to the packaging service performed during the production and logistics processes. Co-packing companies are also known as co-packers or contract packers.

Co-packing is equivalent to outsourcing the packaging service of a company's products.

One of the main reasons for choosing co-packing is to take advantage of the experience, resources and specialized personnel in the correct handling of products. This results in increased product visibility and greater flexibility in production scheduling when needed.

In the province of Ontario you can find Canadian packaging companies serving the food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

¿What does co-packing consist of?

Co-packing implies that a company commissions another specialized company to produce, pack, repack or co-pack its products according to its needs.

Usually, this service does not deal with the development or production of packaging, although it does deal with its filling.

The service is tailored to the particular needs of each client, whether they are manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers or intermediaries.

The experience, technical resources and work teams of the specialized companies help to position products in an innovative way in the market.

Within co-packing there are widely used techniques that allow packaging, depending on the type of merchandise of each company.

Some of the most common co-packing techniques are:

Packaging with shrink wrapping

Shrink wrapping is a lamination that is attached to the product, allowing it to reach the consumer in perfect condition. It protects it from humidity, dust and sun, preventing even accidental openings or routes.

Flow pack format

The flow pack format consists of placing the product inside a bag made of a thin film with a triple seam heat seal. It is a format widely used in the food industry, although it is also used to package pens, disposable cutlery and magazines.

Sleeve labels or shrink sleeve labels

Sleeve or shrink sleeve packaging wraps the product with an integral or partial sleeve, which adapts to the shape of the product.

This format is widely used in beverage companies, where the "sleeve" ensures the integrity of the product, as it prevents undesired manipulations.

Its versatility also makes it possible to quickly and easily launch special editions of products, with different and eye-catching labeling.


Cartoning can be automated or manual, using any type of package, although it is usually cardboard.

Cartons are glued when they have several components, so hot melt glues are used.

Special handling

Co-packing with special handling allows the production of packaging kits or samples, which require manual product selection.

If you are in Canada and are looking for the services of a company to help you with the packaging of your food product, Port Pop Inc can help you. We are a company located in Ontario that specializes in snack food packaging services, especially extruded snacks, cereal, and popcorn.

Call us, we will be glad to advise you and offer the best alternative for that special product.

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