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Starting a business in food manufacturing thanks to copacking

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Starting a business in the food manufacturing industry is a challenge that requires many processes and technologies. Food manufacturing involves a set of activities ranging from the purchase of raw materials to their transformation into a finished product.

Looking to stand out in such a competitive market, food manufacturing companies in Ontario, Canada, are betting on a better alternative, the copacking or food packaging services by third parties.

What is copacking

The word copacking refers to the production and logistics service, which includes the packaging of products. Copacking is a service that companies seek to outsource to ensure product integrity during production, transportation and storage.

Product quality must be preserved during manufacturing and shipping operations and, when copacking is performed correctly, it provides flexibility in the forms of packaging, which makes a difference in production capacity.

Importance of a correct food packaging process

During the packaging process, it must be ensured that the pack:

  • Preserve food freshness.

  • Prevent food from spoilage.

  • Prevent external agents, such as heat and humidity, from affecting the food.

For this reason, food manufacturing has incorporated production and preservation technologies that guarantee food quality and hygiene. All this, with the idea of prolonging the shelf life of food, reducing the alterations that products may suffer due to packaging or packing problems.

How food packaging should be done

Packaging must fulfill the basic purposes of containment, protection, preservation, communication and convenience of use. In some cases, food packaging incorporates food preservation processes such as dehydration, refrigeration, freezing or pasteurization.

The packaging must guarantee the preservation of its contents for a certain period of time, but it must also have a design that allows the communication of relevant information to consumers, while displaying an attractive and original image.

Benefits of copacking

Copacking in food manufacturing is applicable to both:

  • Small companies, looking to expand, but not wanting or unable to make additional investments to their production plant.

  • Large organizations that do not want to restructure their production process.

So, the existence of expert copacking companies, such as Port Pop Inc. located in Ontario, dedicated entirely to extruded snacks, cereal, and popcorn, opens the possibility of simplifying the packaging process, leaving one of the basic aspects of food manufacturing in the hands of experts.

Some of the benefits of copacking can be seen in three fundamental aspects:


Leveraging the expertise of a specialized company means having at your disposal the knowledge and the different techniques and market trends in packaging.


Expert companies have dedicated facilities, exclusively to carry out the packaging process of the products, offering their technical resources and a wide variety of machinery.

All this to guarantee solutions adapted to customers' needs.

Work team

The knowledge of the expert company's work team is essential, because it allows them to offer a professional service that finds the ideal solutions for the customer's needs.

Starting a business in food manufacturing thanks to copacking

Taking advantage of the benefits of copacking to start a business in the food manufacturing industry is an opportunity to have the knowledge of experts in the area, companies that have the required equipment to bring your idea to reality, without having to invest huge amounts of money in all the equipment involved in the process of packaging a food product.

You do not need to have large facilities because, by not performing the product packaging tasks, you will not need the space required for the machinery and storage of the materials for the process.

By leaving the packaging tasks in the hands of experts, you are assured of having the expertise of a specialized company, this means that you will have advice on the best materials and types of packaging to use as well as the most attractive alternatives to enter the market and obtain customers. You will get a series of recommendations directly from professionals in the area that will allow your investment to be as profitable as possible.

In particular, because today's customers have more informed criteria when evaluating the suitability of different types of packaging for the products they buy. Increasingly, consumers understand that packaging, in addition to a protective function, must offer convenience, as well as consider environmental factors.

Copacking companies offer services that make it possible to generate a wide variety of packaging solutions that meet the current needs of consumers by offering the possibility of changing volumes, formats and products in a short period of time, thus achieving flexible and cost-effective production.

Finally, by delegating this stage of the production process, you will have more time and availability to dedicate to other elements necessary for the business to function, whether administrative, commercial or manufacturing. This is a great help, especially when you are starting out, because you do not yet have all the knowledge and practice necessary to cover all the production stages and execute them effectively.

For all these reasons, food manufacturing companies are looking to pack their products taking advantage of the benefits of copacking, without having to invest too much money in structural changes within their companies.

And by using the services offered by copacking companies, start-ups can enter the marketplace quickly and easily.

If you are considering starting a business in food manufacturing in Canada and take advantage of the benefits offered by the third party packaging industry, write to us, we will gladly advise you.

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