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The Roots

As a family-owned business, PORTPOP helps brands navigate new waters with brilliant
presence—expanding any product catalogue’s agility and bolstering every bottom line.
That’s why PORTPOP has become a co-packing industry leader across the health and wellness
market since its formation in 1999. As a one-man shop that packages private-label, branded
products, everything we do must live up to not only the standards of our partners, but what
customers expect of them.
Marrying the versatility of a sea port with the active character of popcorn, the very name
PORTPOP stands for the way we carry any company’s unified vision through everything we do—
chartering brand identity to new ports, and making their presence pop.
From popcorn to chips, cereal, coffee, seeds and much more, we perform our own research and
development, testing, and design. Plus, our specialty in extrusion and formulation means we
can achieve the most minute product details. That’s our dedication to perfection.
As we continue to grow, from our humble beginnings in the Middle East to our international
presence across North America, our passion drives our purpose to bring innovation and
outstanding presence together for all our partners.
PORTPOP—your vision and legacy on a whole new level.

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